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Monthly Meeting and Officer Elections

Monthly meeting tomorrow night at The Well!  This meeting is officer elections and should have a great turnout.  No RSVP is required, but you can sign up and get more information right here

YMG Helps out the Special Olympics

On April 6th, 13 members of the YMG helped put on a soccer tournament for the Special Olympics.  Volunteers setup tents, water tables, coolers, and benches for the athletes as well as refereeing games and keeping score.  The turnout was great and the kids enjoyed the day.  Thanks to everyone who came and lent a hand!

Coreslab Tour

Mark Simpson, the general manager of Coreslab along with Bruno Burgess and Terry Fleck gave a tour of the Coreslab prestressed concrete plant. I‐beams for the new Manchester Bridge over I‐70 were observed during the fabrication process. Attendees were able to walk in the beds and view the prestressed strands before the concrete was poured. Other items that were viewed include noise walls and railroad box beams. Attendees asked questions during the tour and lunch and received 1.5 PDHs for attending.  14 people enjoyed the tour.

YMG Takes over Mavericks Hockey Game

On March 7th, 2014 fifty civil engineers and their guests descended up the Buffalo Wild Wings and the Independence Event Center for a great night of food, drinks, fun, and hockey.  This event is becoming an annual tradition and is always a great time.  A special thanks goes out to Emery Sapp and Sons for sponsoring the event.

Helping out at Harvesters

On February 15th, 2014 members of the Younger Members Group dedicated their morning to helping out those in need.  Ten members sorted various canned and boxed foods for the Harvesters warehouse on two shifts.  After the work was done, the members were able to receive a tour of the facility and gain a little bit of inside information.  Thanks to everyone who helped out with the event!