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Snow Creek Ski Trip

We had a social event at Snow Creek in Weston, MO where people could go skiing or snowboarding.  We asked for everyone to meet up at Snow Creek at 9:00am and had them bring exact cash so that we could all pay at once. Unfortunately, the rainy weather kept some people from attending.  But everyone who attended arrived by 9:30am, received their lift ticket, picked up their rental equipment and went to the slopes.  Most people left between 1:00pm and 3:00pm.


KCK Girls Ignite Event – Recap

The Kansas City, Kansas School District held their third Girls Ignite Event of the year at Wyandotte High School in Kansas City, Kansas. Members of ASCE ran the spaghetti and marshmallow structure station. The students were tasked with building a structure using only spaghetti noodles and marshmallows with at least one horizontal bar near the top. We then hung penny weights on the structures to see how much they could hold. The top structure at this event held 8 penny weights for a total of 40 pennies.  Approximately 70 students participated in the event.

Bridge Impacts – Recap

Calvin Reed, State Bridge Design Engineer and Assistant Bureau Chief of the Bureau of Structures and Geotechnical Services at KDOT gave a presentation on bridge impacts in Kansas and steps taken for repair. Bridges noted in the presentation include the 18th Street Bridge impacted by a train and the Turner Diagonal Bridge over I-70 hit by a dump truck.  25 people attended the seminar.  A special thanks goes out to BG Consultants for hosting the event at their office.

Harvesters Food Drive – Recap

As part of the monthly Younger Member Group meeting held in November, a food drive for Harvesters food bank was held.  The event was a huge success with 25 people participating collecting over 160 pounds of food!

Fall Highway Cleanup – Recap

On September 14th, 2013, ASCE-YMG had another successful highway cleanup! This year we had 14 volunteers who worked from 9am until lunch cleaning up a stretch of I-435 near Gregory Boulevard.  A whopping 68 bags were collected!  Of the garbage, some of the more interesting items found were a softball, credit cards, a cell phone, and shoes.