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ASCE Younger Members April Meeting

We are almost coming to a close on our 2009-2010 year. Only April and May meetings left to go before we break for summer. Come to our meeting to get involved and to see how you can help us become even better for next year. During our April meeting we will be taking officer nominations for our 2010-2011 year and in May we will have elections. Please consider getting involved – we would love to have new ideas and new faces!

When: Wednesday, April 21st (5:30 social, 6:00 meeting)

Where: Tower Tavern
Tower Tavern
401 E. 31st St.
Kansas City, MO 64109

Officer Nominations during our April meeting.
Positions Available: Vice President, Community Service, Social, Professional Development, School Outreach, Golf Tournament, Treasurer, and Communications

Please contact Holly Boomsma, if you have any questions regarding this email or if you would like to find out more about the KC ASCE Younger Members Group.

2010 Crawl for Cancer

The Crawl for Cancer is upon us once again! For all of you that don’t know anything about the Crawl for Cancer, you get 10 to 12 friends together, meet in Westport and drink beer all day… how can you argue with that? More specifically, each team of 10 to 12 people travel to 5 bars throughout the day and receive 4 pitchers at each bar. After going to each bar, all teams meet up at the Beaumont Club for an after-party of live music and even more tasty beverages.

When: May 15th at 1pm. Registration begins on March 8th and I will need to know who is interested and get money from everyone by Friday, April 9th.

Where: Westport

Cost: $50/ person. This covers your CFC t-shirt, beer and the rest goes to charity (including Breast Cancer Research Foundations, St. Luke’s Cancer Institute, St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital, among many others!)

E-mail if you are interested. If you want to be grouped with certain people, let me know and I’ll try to make it happen. Teams will be partially assembled on a first come, first served basis (based on when I get your money). (Example – if I have 2 teams of 12 and 3 more people e-mail me late and we can’t find anyone else to join, those three people are out of luck. Sorry.) Keep in mind, if you do commit to go by sending in your money and have to back out after our teams have been submitted to CFC, you must find a replacement or just forfeit your money. If this circumstance takes place, I will try as hard as I can to help you find a replacement. If you want more info on CFC go to: